Here at AWBDP we provide dentures as one of the options of replacing missing teeth:

Dentures are a removable option of replacing teeth. They can replace from a single tooth, to multiple teeth, to all of your teeth. They can be either a partial denture or full denture and they are custom made in the laboratory to fit your mouth.

The base of the denture sits on your gum and may clip on to the adjacent teeth. They can be made from metal or acrylic depending on what you prefer. As well as restoring function and aesthetic to your smile, dentures can improve your confidence and wellbeing as they restore the shape and function of the mouth.

What it involves:

At the initial consultation we discuss your expectations from the treatment, the outcome, and will perform an examination to ensure you are suited to dentures. To make the right set of dentures that fits you takes several appointments.

It starts with taking impressions which are then sent off to the dental lab. Your existing tooth shade and shape is taken into account as your dentures are made with your smile and facial features in mind.

We also offer patients removable Implant Retained Dentures which are a cost-effective alternative to a full mouth of fixed teeth using dental implants, at the same time, improving the retention of the denture. Your dentist will advise you accordingly.

We will show you how to use your denture, how to apply denture adhesive as well as how to look after your appliance.

If you are a denture wearer and are having problems with the way your denture fits, we can help to adjust this issue and help you feel more comfortable.

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Client Testimonials

"The Dentist was kind, friendly and professional - She made me feel at ease 🙂 - Thank you "

Client Testimonials

"Right from entering the surgery there is a friendly,welcoming feeling. I have had several courses of treatment here and have never had any worry or fears about the treatment. A recent extraction of a broken tooth was over before I realised, I never felt a thing."


Client Testimonials


"Very thorough job, with a great deal of care taken to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible.
I'm most impressed"