At AWB Dental Practice we provide fillings as and when required by patients and offer different materials


A filling is used to repair any teeth damaged by decay. Often referred to as cavities, tooth decay can lead to holes in your teeth and may well continue to grow, getting larger over time.

Need for filling:

During any routine check up our dentists will identify if you need any fillings. Some of the signs that you might be in need of a filling are toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting down or you might notice food getting trapped regularly in a specific tooth. Dental decay or formation of cavities are largely due to our diet and plaque build up. At AWBDP our professional team offers advice to maintain effective home care routine to avoid plaque build up and dietery advise to avoid such need for fillings.

Fillings are made of:

Most fillings are made of either a composite or amalgam material. Amalgam fillings are the more traditional silver-appearing fillings, made up of an amalgam of silver, copper, and tin. These fillings are extremely hardwearing but not aesthetically very pleasing.
Composite fillings are designed to match the shade of the natural tooth as closely as possible. These filings are made of a composite plastic resin.


After choosing the type of filling, the dentist will proceed to treatment. This mainly entails removing the damaged or decayed part of the tooth. The affected tooth will then be cleaned and prepped before the filling is applied directly to the tooth.

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Client Testimonials

"The Dentist was kind, friendly and professional - She made me feel at ease 🙂 - Thank you "

Client Testimonials

"Right from entering the surgery there is a friendly,welcoming feeling. I have had several courses of treatment here and have never had any worry or fears about the treatment. A recent extraction of a broken tooth was over before I realised, I never felt a thing."


Client Testimonials


"Very thorough job, with a great deal of care taken to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible.
I'm most impressed"